WHISTLE BLOWER: A Failed Policy In The Midst Of Fighting Corruption In Nigeria

In nigeria, whistle-blowing is an anti-corruption programme that encourages citizens to voluntarily disclose information about fraud, bribery, looted public funds, financial misconduct, misappropriarion of government assets and any other form of corruption or theft to the countrys federal ministry of finance.

The policy which was launched on December 21, 2016 by the federal government came with incentive of 2.5 percent of the recovered funds from the Nigerian government for anyone who provided tips or information about any financial mismanagement or stolen funds to the ministrys portal.

Report indicated that funds recovered through the whistle-blowing policy within the first two months of its declaration in the country amounted to over $178 million that were stolen from the government.

According to reports, by June 5, 2017, federal ministry of finance received a total of 2,150 trips from the public 128 tips came through the website of the ministry, 1,192 was through phone calls, 540 through SMS and 290 through email to the ministry amongst others.

It is really disheartening that the policy as very good as it is, and as it was articulated to fight corruption has not yielded the desired goal as many romors of corrupt tendencies kept going round without been investigated.

If you follow the trend of the few cases of whistle blowing that we had, it was only the substance that were apprehended but up to now nobody in two, three years has been linked to the act. 

For instance there we're reports where Ghana must go stuffed with money was found in kaduna airport but nobody was arrested for having link to money.

There we're reports where the Nigeria customs intercepted another one, nobody has been arrested, nobody has been linked to all these. It was people that raised the alarm but nobody was linked to it.

The policy has failed because the authorities have not work the talk. For instance, the man who blew the whistle that led to the recovery of some money but was denied the percentage meant for him.

We were made to understand that the percentage that was supposed to be given to him was not given. 
That was why the man has to now come up to reveal that he was denied percentage that is due for him based on the arrangeme by the federal government and that was how the issue died down.

The whistle blower policy is not working in Nigeria and we need to make it work. People are no longer Willing to blow the whistle because the government is not fulfilling its own part part of the obligations.

Comfort Amos Bako is an undergraduate of Mass Communication from the Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi and can be reached via comfortbako124@gmail.com

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