Dr Suleiman Balarabe of FCE Zaria Bring a Lots of Achievement under His Style of Leadership -Jamilu Bello Dogarawa

 By Fatima Idris Zaria

Our Newspaper investigated the challenges and achievements in the Education sector in the country, our reporter visited the Federal College of Education in Zaria, Kaduna State which is currently headed by the Acting Provost, Dr Suleiman Balarabe.

The first thing to observe in such institutions is the style of leadership. Our reporter asked one of the staff of the College about the welfare of the staff. Mr Jamilu Bello Dogarawa thanked him for the visit and shows his delight in the inquiry into the current leadership of Dr Suleiman Balarabe at FCE Zaria. Dogarawa said since when Dr Suleiman was appointed as the acting provost of the college, lecturers, staffs and students rejoiced with the choice and hoped one day to be reaffirmed as the substantive provost of the college for him to get the chance to bring positive and remarkable changes in the college. 

Dogarawa said Dr Balarabe’s appointment as acting provost, bring developments in many areas in the college, including the well-being of staff and students. 

A large number of people who expressed their opinion on how education improves at FCE Zaria indicated that they are optimistic about the leadership of Dr Suleiman Balarabe, to them his swift appointment bring a lot of changes.

Our reporter observed the physical structures and the classrooms to understand the infrastructural development the current leadership bring, and also interviewed members of the college community about the style of leadership of the acting provost, in which many of them applauded him. 

Security issues, scarcity of water and shortage of electricity are among the critical problems students faced in some institutions which tempered with their education, but in FCE Zaria these problems are addressed by the current leadership of the college. 

Furthermore, our investigations revealed how buses were provided for students to pay less fare to be transported from their destinations around Zaria to the college. 

Mr Dogarawa opined that there are delays in payment of salaries in some institutions which leads to strike, but he said in FCE under the leadership of Dr Balarabe such problems were solved. 

In all institutions of education, there are associations such as academic and non-academic unions, and also student unions which involved in the development of education in the institutions. According to Dogarawa there is a good relationship between the current leadership of FCE Zaria and these associations. He further said; “All the associations including the Zazzau Emirates prayed Dr Suleiman Balarabe to be approved as substantive provost of the college to continue his feats to develop education in Zaria and the country as a whole.

Mr Jamilu Bello Dogarawa called on the leadership of FCE Zaria associations to maintain the relationship and work together hand in hand for the benefits of the college and the community at large. He also called on the Federal Ministry of Education to reaffirm Dr Suleiman Balarabe as substantive provost of the college to improve education at the college. He hoped that Dr Suleiman Balarabe would intensify his support for the betterment of education at FCE Zaria. 

As of writing this report, a lot of NGO’s and associations honoured the acting provost for his tireless efforts in the development of education in Zaria and Kaduna state as a whole. 

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