African Seasoning Company Organized Cooking Completion For Women At MATA Conference 2021 In Kano

By Bello Hamza, Abuja

African Seasoning Company, producer of Ajino Moto, organised  Cooking competition and introduced new deli Dawa soup spice  to women at the   'MATA conference 2021' tag "'The Woman and her Girls'" held in Kano on Sunday at Meenat event centre.

The Corporate communication and  public relation manager  of the company Fancisca Ikediashi  explained that the newly introduced ‘deli Dawa’ is made from locust bean and has the same taste and aroma of the Local Daddawa with added flavours.

Fransisca  said the ‘deli Dawa’ is produced under a strict hygienic environment with qualitative packaging and  can also be taken to all over the world without any problem.

In his address, the Assistant General Manager Of west African Seasoning Company in Nigeria,  Malam Isa Hassan Shallangwa, said  the purpose of organising the cooking competition is to use the opportunity to showcase  the products, especially the Deli  Dawa for Kano People, also explain to how they can use it to achieve perfect cooking.

He said deli Dawa made from the same ingredients of local Daddawa in a modern way, and is without the smell as  local,  they can get whatever teats  they may like, in local Daddawa in  deli Dawa.

He said the cooking competition organised in Kano brings well talented and professional cooks, who are using Ajino Moto and deli Dawa in making their traditional and modern cooking with good teats.

In her response the winner of the cooking competition, Miss Easter said she is very happy with the victory. And appreciates the company for making Deli Dawa products which add value to her cooking and advice women to always use the deli Dawa in their cooking.

Among the five women contested in the cooking competition, Miss Easter became the first winner by cooking Ogono soup and semovita.

Aisha came second while Safiya won the third position by cooking Taushe Soup and Masa. All the five competitors get special gifts from the West African Seasoning Company.

 Also AJINOMOTO Ambassador, Maryam Booth was there to inform the women and participants on hoe to continue to use AJINOMOTO in their cooking for that deliciousness.

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