Soldiers Kill Three Zaria Villagers Chasing Bandits

There was pandemonium in Zaria, Kaduna State, as soldiers allegedly killed three persons at Kwanar Farakwai village, Igabi Local Council of Kaduna State, after brave youths of the community gathered to capture some armed bandits. 

Sources told newsmen, who visited the community, that the bandits invaded the village on Wednesday in an attempt to abduct some villagers, but the youths armed with weapons rose up to the occasion and pursued them. 

The criminals reportedly hid in a rock close to the town, and the youths, who went after them in a bid to capture them, surrounded the rock. 

Unfortunately, a company, around the area contacted soldiers who shot at the youths, the source said. 

The villagers consequently stormed the rock and set some part ablaze, while demanding the arrest of the kidnappers. 

“Yesterday, kidnappers entered the community, but the youths of the town stopped them from operating. When the kidnappers discovered that the youths had local guns, they ran away and hid by the rock. 

“The youths went after them and surrounded the rock. But there is a company around the rock. When the company officials saw the young people gathered outside, there was tension and they immediately called the attention of the soldiers, thinking the youths were kidnappers. 

“The soldiers came and started shooting people. As at now, 10 people are in the hospital, three people have been killed. But the kidnappers are still by the rock and the people said they would not leave until the soldiers arrest the kidnappers and hand them over to the villagers,” the source told newsmen. 

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