Expert Recommends Rabbit Meat Consumption As Prevention For Uric Acid

Rabbit meat consumption has been recommended for persons between the age of 40 and above to prevent high rate of uric acid.

Dr Huzaifa Abdullahi, a veterinary dococtor with the Bauchi State Area Veterinary Clinic, gave the recommendation in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Bauchi.

He said that in spite that rabbit meat had higher nutritional value, the meat contained unsaturated fat.

“Most people are not aware of the nutritional contents of rabbits.

“The rodent has little waste to pass out while it also prevents humans from contracting uric acid,” Abdullahi said.

According to him, unlike cows and ruminants, rabbit is from the class of animals with white muscles.

“Some zoonotic diseases can also be avoided if we follow the  expert’s recommendations.

“Those between the age of 40 and above are mostly diagnosed with uric acid and red meat contributes to these ailments in humans,” he said.

According to Abdullahi, uric acid causes gout and it is a life threatening disease in human.

The specialist explained that gout was a painful form of arthritis mostly caused by crystals that form in and around the human joints.

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