AREWA: Let Me Say The Bitter Truth! By Aliyu Samba


Let me start by that famous quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.” Are we in anyway bringing peace to the north?

We (The northerners) are more interested in the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho who are from the southern part of the country denying ourselves the truth that we are living in a worst pandemonium, our unification are only to get the likes of sheikh Abdujabbar or Sheikh Zakzaki arrested as if they are the reason behind the underdevelopment and the pandemonium happening in the north, denying ourselves the condition we should put much of our interest on.

The North west for example is suffering from Banditry! Wait, I think it shouldn't be addressed with euphemisms like "Banditry", let's be realistic, we should say there is an insurgency in North west Nigeria, this is an undeniable fact. Today, there are at least 29 terrorist group camp within Zamfara state alone, and it's clear that the government is somehow downplaying the level of insecurity to common banditry and “just business” like a Famous state Governor called it. If we continue to stay in denial of the reality happening today, we will be the one crying for help tomorrow.

Just this morning around 03:00 hrs, gun shots were heard by helpless residents of Dansadau (Zamfara state) signalling another attack by the so called Bandits loyal to the notorious Ali Kachalla, they killed at least 3 people, kidnapped 8 people including a boy of just 3 years and his mother. They even go to the extent of burning an armoured personnel Carrier. All these are happening in less than a week after bandits were able to shoot down an Alpha Jet asset of the Nigerian Air Force in Magami (50 km away from Dansadau). Why are we not telling ourselves the truth.

NW has been a hot bed of violence for almost a decade. For years, solutions have been forwarded to address the problems, I could remember the recommendations of IGP MD Abubakar Rtd. Who led a committee for finding solutions to armed Banditry in Zamfara, its very dissapointing how the government, elites, Mullahs and elders blatantly refused to Implement the Full Recommendations of the Committee due to their sentimental and Political affiliation.

The entire northerners (if not few) are evidently more interested in securing their selfish and personal interest rather than making the region peaceful and prosperous, the politicians are longing for a second term in office, others decamping to the APC as if the region has nothing to address, the unification of Mullahs are for Sheikh Abdujabbar to be beheaded, the poor masses are always brainwashed with religion and political discrepancy.

The earlier the better, it's hight time we tell ourselves this bitter truth, if we continue ignoring the elephant in the room and playing ostrich, the next generation will write our history with red ink, they will see us as monsters of our selfish interest and ignorance. May peace reign again in the north. Long live arewa, long live Nigeria.

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