STATEMENTS OF FACT: You Are Either With The Palestinians Or With Their Murderers

Unfortunately, while discerning human beings, including jews in the US and Israel itself, Christians in the UK, France, Canada, South Africa, and their intellectuals/Professors have not only condemned but have been protesting against the Israelis' massacre of the Palestinians, Saudi Arabia and Nigerian Clerics whose loyalty is to the Saudis have kept mum; our so-called intellectuals and University Professors have also remained silent as a result of the silence of their religious leaders.

These Palestinians are 100% humans and 99% of them are mostly Sunni Muslims. The 1-2% of the Population are Christians, who are also among those the Zionists are persecuting and killing.

Hadiths of the holy Prophet (SAWA) tells us that whoever that is not concerned with affairs of other muslims is not one of us. 

Another one says: People are brethrens either in faith or humanity. 

If the Patrick Wilmots and the Bala Usmans of blessed memories were alive today, their voices on this genocide or ethnic cleansing of the poor Palestinians would have been heard all over the country. 

Allah jikan Maza. 

Source: Education Monitor Newspaper

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